In The Bag

Here you can see a collection of eight objects that can be found in Samara's bag at any given time. Each object has it's own purpose, some useful, some useless.

The Wallet

One of the few genuinely useful items contained within this bag. Without which Samara's shopping habit could not be fuelled. Within this wallet are many loyalty cards to obtain lots of birthday rewards.


Important to prevent Samara from being locked out of the house (has happened before - not fun). Attached to the keys is a gym membership which has expired and is there so others think she is active.

Lip Products

Fascinatingly, Samara only has a single set of lips yet multiple lip products. Some may say she has a minor addiction to lip balm due to the sheer frequency at which it is applied.

Eye Drops

Samara often finds herself struck down by allergies. A common symptom of this is dry eyes. To prevent dry eyes getting the better of her, she is always armed with eye drops to stop dry eyes in their tracks.


Without fail this object is always present in Samara's bag. It is extremely important as it assists in keeping Samara's breath fresh at all times. Only downside to this item is once it has been taken out of the bag every individual in the surrounding area requests a piece.

Lacteeze Tablets

An interesting fact about Samara is that she is severely lactose intolerant. Samara has many strengths, digesting dairy is not one of them. However, she is also very addicted to dairy (mostly cheese). To prevent finding herself in a situation where she wants dairy but cannot have it, she keeps a container of these tablets that prevent the side effects of her lactose intolerance from taking shape.


A very important item to Samara is her Airpods. They actually spend very little time in her bag, because she is always using them. Without these Airpods she would find herself a little bit lost. Losing them is something that occurs relatively frequently so to make them easier to find a bluish case has been place to make them easier to spot and distinguish.


We all find ourselves in a position where we sometimes wish we could freshen ourselves a little bit. This roller ball perfume is perfect for that. When Samara wants to smell her best she just rolls some on and continues with her day.

Find out more

This collection belongs to Samara. The bag is a new initiative she has decided to trial. This initiative was created in hopes that it would give an insight into what she carries on a day to day basis as well as hoping others share what is contained within their own bags. In order to see the collection find your nearest Samara and simply ask her to open her bag.